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  • 111, 112, Nanjappa Nagar, Singanallur, Coimbatore.

Our Major Services


  • Outpatient consultation for all pediatric illnesses
  • Vaccination
  • Growth and Development Screening
  • Breastfeeding and Nutrition counselling
  • 24 x 7 emergency care
  • In-patient: Individual rooms and Semi-private ward
  • Level 3 PICU manned by experienced Pediatricians and nurses to care for sick children round the clock. Facilities available include:
    • Advanced Ventilator
    • CPAP and High Flow O2
    • Multiparameter monitoring
    • Portable USG, ECHO, X-ray


Level 3 NICU manned by experienced Neonatologist and nurses to care for sick newborn infants. We take care of extreme preterm infants, neonatal infections, respiratory problems and surgical conditions. Facilities available include:
  • Neonatal Ventilator with HFOV
  • Infant warmers, phototherapy
  • Bubble CPAP and High flow cannula
  • Multiparameter monitoring
  • Portable USG, ECHO, X-ray

All Other Services

Pediatric Surgery

Experienced Pediatric Surgeon and surgical team to care for newborns and children with surgical problems.

Pediatric Dentistry

In-house Pediatric Dentist to guide parents on preventive dental care.

Pediatric Neurology

One of the leading Pediatric Neurologists in Coimbatore takes care of complex neurological illnesses in children.

Pediatric Cardiology

One of the leading Pediatric Cardiologists in Coimbatore manages children with congenital and acquired heart diseases.

Pediatric Nephrology

An experienced Pediatric Nephrologist manages children with complicated renal diseases including Nephrotic Syndrome

Pediatric Hemato-oncology

An experienced Pediatric Hemato-oncologist takes care of children with blood related problems and malignancies.

Pediatric Gastro-enterology

A leading Pediatric Gastro-enterologist manages children with liver and gut related illnesses.

Pediatric Rheumatology

A leading Rheumatologist takes care of children with Rheumatological and Autoimmune illnesses.

Physical Rehabilitation

An experienced Pediatric Physiotherapist and his team help in the rehabilitation of children with neurological and developmental issues.

Developmental Care

An experienced Speech Therapist helps children with speech and language delay. An experienced Pediatric Psychologist offers counselling for behavioural and developmental problems.

Lab Services

All essential Biochemistry, Pathology and Microbiological investigations including blood and urine tests are done in our hospital. Advanced investigations including PCR and genetic tests are done at affiliated NABL accredited labs

Radiological Services

ECHO, USG and X-ray services are done in our hospital.

Food Services

In-house canteen provides healthy and hygienic food for children and parents