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Developing a child's personality - ART & SCIENCE OF PARENTING

IT IS not enough if parents just send their children to school; they must spend precious time with them to give them the confidence to face the world. Bad behaviour cannot be set right by punishment alone. The children must be given `positive reinforcement' to make them feel better about themselves, said a panel discussion on "Development of the child as healthy personality." Organised by the Vidya Vikasini Nursery School as part of its parent-teacher meeting, the panel members Dr. Neminathan, Director, Coimbatore Child Trust, Dr. Jaya Muthu, Dean, Avinashilingam Home Science College, and Visalakshi Rajagopal, Principal, Vidya Vikasini Institutions, spoke on various aspects of child rearing. Dr. Neminathan spoke about the importance of parenting, childhood, common behavioural problems and the psychological needs of children while Dr. Jaya discussed parental stress and tension and methods to overcome them. She also highlighted the importance of nutritious food. and spending quality time with children. The Principal asked the parents to stop expecting too much of children. "This leads to many problems," she told them. Free seminar on Art and Science of Parenting will be held on request in your organisation to contact Mr . Balu / Sheela - 9842811198

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